Pool for 0xMonero $0xMR

I’m trying to create a pool for the Ethereum bridged token 0xMR but the token has no logo or name visible in Ref Finance. How can this be resolved? Jumbo swap shows the correct info but Ref Finance does not.

Any help here? Is there a technical support email?

If a token isn’t in the global whitelist, then you will need to add it manually to your personal whitelist for it to appear on the token select list. Click the “add token” button in the token-select list and enter the token address to add it to your whitelist.

This forum is for governance related questions and info. The best place to get support is on the Ref Finance Discord Server which also has a faq channel and help channel with solutions to common problems.

Here is info about our Whitelisting Procedure If you would like to apply to have the 0xMonero token added to the global whitelist so that users will not have to add it manually.