Add Mintbase Wallet to Ref

Mintbase has been battle-testing the gasless, seedless, and non-custodial wallet for the last eight months with several activations like NEARCON Moments, enabling folks without $NEAR to create accounts and execute transactions. Great for mint and transfer actions.

Having now launched our FT support, we are excited to partner with Ref and see how our AI integrations can help users make smart actions useful.

Mintbase Wallet


Integration with Wallet Selector

AI Integrations
We are now integrating our AI System into our wallet, developing “smart actions” where users get quick options based on their holdings to execute transactions. It’s in beta and will be able to release in the coming weeks.

Claims + Drops


Hi Nate,

Excited to see this proposal. I 100% support the integration of the Mintbase Wallet ASAP

Few notes:

  • Mintbase wallet is, in my humble opinion, one of the best wallets out there.
  • The way in which they’ve implemented biometric authentication enables an incredible onboarding experience.
  • With such powerful onboarding flow, it has the power to enable A LOT of people to seamlessly enter the ecosystem. We are just faced with the cold start problem: how can we encourage app developers to incorporate, or at least ensure that they are not biased against it due to lack of integrations?
  • REF has always played a key role in leading early integrations and supporting other projects gain momentum, which is why extending support to Mintbase Wallet (known, solid team; new product)
  • Perhaps the most compelling argument for REF is that we would be opening up a huge market segment, enabling all the new onboards to transact seamlessly on REF without having to worry about exporting seed, setting up a new wallet, etc.
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I’ll have to try out this wallet.

I presume this was put to a vote and approved?