[CONTRACT UPGRADE] Ref Swap Accommodate Taxes on NEP-141 Tokens -UPDATED

On 7/1/22, we submitted a proposal to upgrade the Ref contract to accommodate taxes on NEP-141 tokens.

Per comments from @beng on the first proposal, we realized that changes were required to the NEKO contract from our end. On 7/16/22, we released a NEKO v2 contract ftv2.nekotoken.near which includes two major upgrades:

  1. NEKO token v2 is updated with 24 decimals (NEAR standard). This change is what required the v2 contract.

  2. NEKO tax information is added to the token metadata. Tax info is now under tax_rate in nft_metadata
    The tax rate is dynamic and can be adjusted externally by admin without re deploying the contract.

The NEKO v2 contract upgrades addressed the issues noted by @beng in our initial proposal. Now the NEKO token open source code can be the standard for tax tokens on NEAR!

Can we discuss next steps for Ref Finance to accommodate token tax?

Bump… Is there anyone we can talk to from Ref team?