[Whitelisting] $MI

MaxInvest Token Mi is a meme investment token.

Profit income from the MaxiMusic MaxiMusicPro and MaxiMusicRadio channels will flow into YouTube on a monthly basis and tokens will be purchased.

Token value in dollars, 50% is invested in LP tokens on Ref.Finance.

Token Name: $MI
Token Typ: Memecoin Investmentcoin
Blockchain: NEAR Protocol
Contract Address: mi.tkn.near
Website/GitBook: : -
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaxiMusic2018
Dexscreener Chart: https://dexscreener.com/near/refv1-4918
LP:[MI -USDt] Ref Finance: Ref Finance - $1000 and 50% of MI Token

LP is Locked for 5 Years LockLP by slimedragon.near | Near Social