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Project description

About The Game

DragonWorld is the first NFT game incubated by the UniFat platform.

Briefly Describe

The game integrates the excellent elements of World of Warcraft and the Palworld, including Dragon growth, Dragon adventures, single and multiplayer dungeons, Dragon mining, Dragon production farms, and a series of other interesting elements.
To enhance the game’s interactivity and fun, players can freely trade their in-game items with other players in DragonWorld, as DragonWorld seamlessly integrates with UniFat’s Marketplace.

USP of DragonWorld:

  1. Leverage Near’s low Gas feature to build a truly on-chain game, incorporating elements from both World of Warcraft and PalWorld, with a rich economic system.
  2. Features a comprehensive MarketPlace, allowing players to freely trade all in-game items, with DragonWorlds own DGS token allows players to buy and trade features on a comprehensive MarketPlace, so players can trade all in-game items seamlessly.
  3. An epic narrative backdrop immerses players, letting them experience the allure of the game firsthand.

Grant From Near Game DAO

UniFat has secured a long-term grant from GameDAO: [APPROVED] UniFat <> Gaming DAO - Gaming DAO - NEAR Forum

DGS Token


DGS is the sole token of the DragonWorld game, primarily used for the in-game token economy, such as enhancing characters, trading items, and more.



Senior engineer with 11 years of front-end and back-end development experience, including 7 years of blockchain back-end and smart contract development experience, built multiple NEAR and EVM projects in the recent years


Senior engineer with 11 years of front-end development experience, including 3 years of blockchain front-end development experience


Name: DragonSoul

Symbol: DGS

Decimal: 6


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000(60% for Airdrop, 20% for LP, 20% for Treasury)

  • 9% for DragonEgg holders, the rarer the DragonEgg, the larger the quantity of its airdrop.

  • 6% for DragonEgg game participant

  • 4% for DragonEgg trader

  • 3% for Top User in DragonEgg game, Rewards for loyal UniFat users

  • 25% for those who paid Near to the UniFat platform, eg: mint fee for DragonEgg, UniFat(small part of it will be used for other inscriptions), game fee, trading fee, etc.

  • 10% for the NEAR/Solana/Evm/BTC/… community (blackdragon, lonk, neko, shitzu, BRC20…), don’t worry, this part will be a task airdrop, benefiting the MeMe community

  • 2% for partners

  • 1% for team, linear release within two years

  • 20% to add to LP

  • 20% will be sent to the treasury and used for other activities in the future

DGS has completed its initial airdrop, distributing 470 million tokens. Of these, 323 million tokens were successfully airdropped, with 147 million tokens reclaimed due to unclaimed tokens.

Project liquidity plan on Ref Finance

Pool Id: 4532

Token smart contract address


Website and/or App


Github repo

Any other documents/links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application (Coingecko token page, CMC, etc.)

Doc: Dragon World Introduction | UniFat
WhitePage: https://2523256375-files.gitbook.io/~/files/v0/b/gitbook-x-prod.appspot.com/o/spaces%2FV8EuvfuOcB8gVVvtRjRr%2Fuploads%2Fp4HpRzB9zsg6uq7kriVg%2FDragonWorld%20WhitePage(EN).pdf?alt=media&token=7379acc1-b2cc-4bee-b04b-1f5c6ca5c343
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unifat_xyz
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @unifat