[Proposal] Whitelist LNR

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Token address: 802d89b6e511b335f05024a65161bce7efc3f311.factory.bridge.near

What is $LNR:
$LNR is the governance token of LiNEAR Protocol that empowers users to participate fully in the decision-making of LiNEAR and influence its development.

$LNR is used for:
Insurance Fund - Users can stake $LNR into an insurance fund, designed to cover potential losses incurred to $bLiNEAR and $LiNEAR. Stakers receive $sLNR as a representation of their share of the fund.
Governance - $sLNR holders have the power to set rates for $LiNEAR and $bLiNEAR staking pools, manage delegation strategies, and oversee the protocol treasury.
Revenue Sharing - $sLNR holders gain a share of the protocol’s agreement revenue, with potential increases as the ecosystem grows.
Incentive Program - New $LNR tokens will periodically be introduced into the insurance fund, promoting $bLiNEAR-related liquidity and strengthening governance.

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