[Farm] New Farms Proposal

Over the last 4 weeks of genesis REF liquidity mining, we have achieved more than 60mil USD in liquidity parked on Ref.finance for trade. Seeing how the NEAR ecosystem is rapidly growing over the past few weeks, here is our proposal to expand 3 incentivize the markets to improve liquidity and create more engagement with projects / assets on NEAR.

We propose to allocate additional 180,708 or 0.18% of the total supply of REF token to incentive PARAS, stNEAR and HAPI pools on Ref.finance over the next 60 days.

The distribution will be the following for each pair:

    -1369 REF per day for 60 days,

  • stNEAR <> NEAR
    -1369 REF per day for 60 days,

  • HAPI <> NEAR
    -136.9 REF per day for 60 days,

The reward will start on 3rd Oct, 2021, 1am UTC, and finish 2nd Dec 2021 1am UTC.

Paras is an NFT marketplace that focuses on digital collectibles. We thrive upon bringing conventional collectibles to crypto space. We believe that every single physical art form needs to be stored and digitized to keep it future-proof. Paras, an all-in-one digital collectible marketplace, is eager to diversify the assets to digital collectibles.

stNEAR (Metapool)
Meta Pool is a liquid staking solution for NEAR Protocol backed by community staking providers. Meta Pool lets users stake their NEAR, in order to receive a liquid, NEP-141 standard token they can use to participate in on-chain activities, e.g. lending. Nowadays, staked NEAR is locked and can not be used in DeFi.

HAPI is a cybersecurity layer that is aimed at preventing and notifying entities within the HAPI Protocol network about potential threats of Money Laundering (ML), hacking, and other unauthorized transactions of funds. It will be integrated into Rainbow Bridge (Ethereum to NEAR bridge) to prevent potential hack attempts by tracking blockchain activity and ensure that Money Laundering instances are minimized, notifying entities about a potential nascent threat.


So, now I begin add pool for 3 pairs and get airdrop? and how many near min to add pool? thanks

Thanks Team. My Paras tokens are ready

Is 136.9 a typo?

When Banana <> NEAR farm support? Oldest ddaps in NEAR protocol

How to stake my Paras? Do i need to swap my Paras to wNear then stake? Thanks for your guide!

You can go to Ref Finance’s telegram group for help: Telegram: Contact @ref_finance

Yesterday, i added LP for pool stNear-wNear and i already saw it’s avaiable in “your liquidity”. However, today i see it’s disappeared and i receive stNear but still not receive wNear back. Please help to check this issue

Any mod or dev can help this issue ?

Sorry, but i don’t see any activities in forum. Anybody can help me ?

Hey join Telegram Group…
Community is pretty active there

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