Proposal: Funding Allocation for AwesomeNEAR <> Ref Finance Customized Milestones

Propose to approve $100,000 to fund AwesomeNEAR’s product team to accomplish the set of milestones detailed below, the outcome of which offers authentic all-round information on listed projects/tokens to the Ref community while interfacing with

As an ecosystem dashboard, AwesomeNEAR curates trending projects within the NEAR ecosystem, aggregating relevant information to provide NEAR community with project profiles, stats of launched tokens, on-chain data, ecosystem news, etc. to navigate and contextualize this fast growing ecosystem with more ease and clarity.
We take pride in supporting the NEAR ecosystem projects, where we aim to deliver individualized service through tailor-made milestones.

AwesomeNEAR <> Ref Finance key milestones

Stage A. Q2-Q4 2022 - COMPLETED

  • To add the following items on key project pages (see Appendix):
  1. :white_check_mark: Token stats incl. Price, ATH/ATL, Market Cap, TVL, etc.
  2. :white_check_mark: Fungible Token Contract on NEAR/Aurora/ETH chains (searchable through top search box)
  3. :white_check_mark: Link to Ref Finance APP to BUY/SWAP
  4. :white_check_mark: Quick access to project whitepaper
  5. :white_check_mark: Recent news/articles widget
  6. :white_check_mark: Official Twitter widget
  7. :white_check_mark: Proximity Grant and investor info
  • To add widgets for DeFi and Trending on homepage
  • To add TVL and onchain data on DeFi ranking pages
  • Ongoing maintenance >= 2 years

Stage B. Q1-Q2 2023

  • To link to Farming and Lending on key project pages
  • To add project ranking by APY (with links to Ref) on AwesomeNEAR Ranking page
  • To add a new cross chain bridge selector utility

Stage C. Q2-Q3 2023

  • To add a section on AwesomeNEAR’s homepage exclusive to projects associated with Ref, eg. Aurora Ecosystem
  • To further facilitate the Ref community in building and managing their NEAR DeFi portfolios via account dashboard, customized asset tools and aggregators, etc. on AwesomeNEAR

Projects/tokens available in Ref Finance pools - Proposal_Appendix - Google Docs

Gm although i found the milestone for the stage is promising, the amount of 100k is yet to be justified so if possible can u guys give us extra detail on how the final 100k is formulated?

Hi Awesomenear, big fan! Really appreciate what you guys have done for the ecosystem so far.

Can you provide a bit of what the site’s traction looks like? 100K is a lot and we would want to make sure it’s cost effective. Moreover, the $100K you are proposing is in stables or in REF?

Also, have you guys done this individualized service with any other projects?

Cheers and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you for the question, hh00.
The proposed amount is estimated based on customized milestones which is not a closed list - more can be added during development/maintenance period (2 years); also, there should be a payment plan, be it monthly/quarterly/annually (most likely will be annually for 2022-2023), and we can only bill based on completed milestones, so no fund will be sent until there is actual progress.
We look forward to seeing you during the DAO weekly call later today where we will share a more detailed dev summary (with cost breakdown) on completed milestones to date.

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Thank you for your questions, cudam321.near!
We can certainly share some website metrics during the DAO weekly call later today. Hope to see you there :slightly_smiling_face:
Before Ref, we had the pleasure working with Octopus Network last year. With AwesomeNEAR APIs to be introduced next month, we are confident that more projects in the ecosystem will show interest in our services as well.

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Hi cudam321.near, please take a look at our key metrics via
Let us know if you have other questions. Thanks for your time :slightly_smiling_face:

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hey there, this is great, ty!

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Oh okii i would agree on a milestone payment rather a upfront one honestly because 100k no matter how u look is not a small number lol

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