Multichain Marketing Campaign NEAR Partners

This proposal is to request 17K $REF to be transferred for a marketing campaign held by Multichain. Proposed by Res from Proximity (see below).

Hey, Multichain is going to launch a marketing campaign for users to bridge to NEAR and use different protocols. Apart from 0% cross-chain fee, the idea is to create a combined pool of rewards from NEAR protocols so that users split it after performing certain established tasks.

Would Ref be interested in participating?

For example, user bridges X USDC to NEAR. Now swaps USDC for native USDT in Ref and provides liquidity to the pool for at least X days. Then uses USDC for X,Y,Z.

There will be several protocols participating. The idea is to attract users and then work on user retention. This campaign will be live for 2 weeks and will be pushed by Multichain. Social tasks are also encouraged (twitter follows, telegram, etc). Multichain will handle all the implementation. They would just need to know your specific demands in terms of tasks and rewards that you want to allocate.

Please let me know if this is of interest to you, which tasks you would want users to perform, and the reward pool you are able to contribute with.

To which I would agree to participate in, the campaign is to initially last for 14 days, it may be elongated (TBD), the main DeFi protocols on NEAR will be participating and this is a great way to tap into a new user base, bring usage to our protocols, bring fresh eyes from other ecosystems to NEAR. We know the next step in web3 is seamless multichain interactions.

Additionally, in this crypto winter, social media activity is lowered, this will boost our overall engagement through this co-marketing initiative.

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