Lost coins when add LQ for pool Paras-wNear/ stNear-wNear

I added LQ in 2 pools Paras-wNear/ stNear-wNear some days ago and it’s sucessed. I see the sharing ratio in pool and can check in function “your liquidity”. However, when i checked on 5th of Oct, my liquidiy is disappeared in pool/ the sharing ratio is 0. In addtional, i still not receive my coins back. I found in transaction history and only see the deposit activities - it’s successed, not found any strange transaction but where is my coin. It’s a bug and who i can contact to solve my issue ? It’s serious problem and until now i can’t contact with correct person.

Have you farmed the LP token? If so, the liquidity share will be gone. When you unstake the LP token, the liquidity share will be back.

Hey, i think you farmed ur LP tokens, please check in farms.

Still if ur issue isn’t resolved can contact me or any mod on telegram : Telegram: Contact @ref_finance

its convenient & quick to chat there rather than forum :sweat_smile:

I already checked in pool and sharing is 0%. In additional, i can’t found my coin in any where. I can’t joint telegram group “Ref_finance” because the 1st time i joined Group request to do something in 60s but i didn’t compelte

Can u ping me with details please…
My Telegram @SanketN81