[Lost Found] 46 Near tokens while swap in to around 100K BRRR tokens - failed token swap

I have done this transaction an hour ago.
I have initiated Near (46 token) swap into BRRR token (around 100K). Transaction was failed.
I lost my 46 near token. I have checked wnear token count as well in my wallet it’s showing 0 balance.
I have attached the log files.

Could you please help me on this?


roger roger, will forward this over for the ref team and get back to u once i have more info about your case

So it seemed like this swap occurred via trisolaris route and ended up with the slippage error. Wnear should be in the aurora mapping account and i think u can withdraw it using this page Ref Finance

I have received Near 46 token back in my account.
Thanks a lot for your help.