[Farm] Flux Protocol

Project Description

Flux Protocol is the first oracle and team to begin building on NEAR in 2019. Flux is a cross-chain oracle that provides smart contracts with access to economically secure data feeds on anything. Flux Protocol will serve as the backbone for trustless data for NEAR Protocol and Aurora. Flux raised $10.3m in funding from top investors like Distributed Global, Coinbase Ventures, and Coinfund. During the recent Copper Launch LBP, they raised an additional $11.72m to the Flux DAO.

Project plan / development

Flux Protocol is live on NEAR and Aurora Mainnet and has begun onboarding developers on both Layer Ones. In addition to developers, Flux has partnered with leading data providers like AmberData to supply reliable price-feed data on-chain.

Farming goals

Support initial liquidity of Flux Token on Ref Finance with an FLX / NEAR pair. This proposal is to allocate additional REF to boost liquidity rewards for the FLX / NEAR pool.


Pair : FLX <> NEAR

Type : Double Rewards

FLX : 29,166.66668 / week

REF : 5,423.518642 / week

Length : 31 days

Estimated Starting Date: January 12th

Targeted TVL : $1M+

Targeted APR : 215%+


DAO proposal to release REF from the treasury for this farm (and others).

The DAO proposal is for a total of 37,846 REF for multiple farm. The FLX <> wNEAR farm would be allocated 24,020 REF

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