[CONTRACT UPGRADE] ref-exchange v1.5.1

This upgrade is to support rated-stable-pool, that is, support stable pool such as stnear-near, linear-near and etc.

More detailed info can be found in our rlease_nodes


Furthermore, the rated-pool feature relies on several off-chain watchdogs to monitor those rated-tokens relative price changes and trigger our on-chain price sync. Those trigger actions would consume near gas.

The estimate gas comsumption is about 10 near per month, including 2 or 3 watchdogs deployed on different locations. Therefore, we would also apply for 120 near from the DAO for one year watchdog gas comsumption.


Hey Marco,
If I understand correctly, the watchdogs only call:
update_token_rate (token_id: ValidAccountId) -> PromiseOrValue<bool>.
Is the script open source? If not then I suggest making a repo with scripts, it allows the community to provide assistance when needed.
Also, what do you think about running a watchdog on croncat?
Thank you!

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Yes, that is the interface watchdogs would call. This interface is open to public cause it is only a trigger of on-chain sync. It won’t provide price data with the call.
And the script would be open source soon, actually there is nothing secret in the script, just a normal node.js tools.
About croncat, really good idea. We would look into it soon.