[Budget] Dev Team

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Ref, and we are only just getting started!

The Ref team has big plans for the future of the protocol, and is looking to grow the team in order to deliver the quality the community deserves.

Up until now, the dev team has been working off of a small grant from Proximity Labs. To fully execute on our hiring roadmap, we propose using most of the DAI raised in the Skyward sale (425,000 DAI), along with the USDT recovered from the exploit (225,000 USDT) for team salaries. This will leave 71,000 DAI and 48,000 USDT in the DAO for other budget items such as legal services.

Team Compensation

In order to hire the best people, we believe it is important to offer base compensation in a stablecoin. The treasury currently has enough stablecoins for roughly a seed round’s worth. We believe this will allow us to fund a fully-staffed team’s salaries for more than 1 year.

We propose compensating core team members with:

  • Monthly salary in stablecoins (DAI and USDT)
  • Vesting contract in REF

Current Core Team:

  • Marco: Tech lead/smart contract developer
  • Joe: Full stack developer
  • Didier: Product manager
  • Willa: QA Engineer
  • Ref Dev: Smart contract developer

Our hiring roadmap:

  • Frontend developer (1-2)
  • Smart contract developer
  • Product designer
  • Community lead

Job Board

Proposal Execution

If this proposal is accepted, we will ask the council to do the following:

  • Transfer 425,000 DAI and 225,000 USDT to the dev team multi-sig

We need to solve the problem!

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Although implicit here, maybe we can add in the Proposal Execution part the transfer of the 10% REF Tokens, to make it crystal clear.


It is very necessary to disclose the total amount recovered from the exploit up to the present in detail and update the plan in time.


I urge developers to address an issue that affects most users. Users expect you to be involved in solving their problems. You must not be silent. Your reputation is not a game of hide and seek - it is the trust of users. Your participation in solving user problems will bring you additional promotions. The world is very big. The world is not limited to big wallets. In ancient Rome, even plebeians were represented in the Senate. This was the end of the empire. Don’t imitate a lost civilization!..

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