[Announcement] Transfer Availability for $META: December 12th to 14th (Repost)


  • Meta Pool’s trajectory is shaped through community-driven governance via #mpDAO.
  • #mpDAO has approved a 3-day window for users to transfer $META.
  • Ref users can withdraw their tokens and lock them in the mpDAO Governance.

In October 2023, #mpDAO voted on Meta Pool Improvement Proposal #3 (MPIP-3), which deprecates $META and approves $mpDAO. This involves disabling the transfer function for the $META token starting November 15th, 2023.

Before this date, all $META holders had the opportunity to lock their tokens into the mpDAO governance to qualify for redemption in the new governance token $mpDAO in H1-2024. Those who did not choose this option could request an OTC review in H2-204.

Despite an extensive marketing campaign for MPIP-3, it is foreseeable that not all $META holders may have been informed. In a unanimous decision, Ref Finance and the Meta Pool core team agreed to extend the period for transferring $META as a community initiative.

Therefore, MPIP-6 has been approved, allowing a 3-day window for users to transfer $META and for ref users to remove their liquidity. This presents a valuable opportunity for $META holders who had liquidity on Ref Finance to engage and participate in #mpDAO governance.

During window period, users can go directly to the Meta Pool site, “My Votes” section and lock their $META for receiving votes inside of #mpDAO governance.

#mpDAO governance distributes 50% of the fees generated by Meta Pool in NEAR Protocol to voters every month, while the remaining 50% contributes to the mpDAO Grants Program.

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Nice, its time for locking the META token and earn stNEAR every month

This initiative was totally necessary to block the missing $META so that many could participate in governance and earn rewards on stNEAR.

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