Adding a new a $MYRIA<>$USDT farm

Myriad is restarting its $MYRIA pools on
Our plan is to be adding roughly 5 million tokens (5,094,882.4333) as per the following numbers:

45% (1,273,649.85) → $MYRIA<>$NEAR
45% (1,273,649.85) → $MYRIA <> $USDT*
10% (283,033.3) → Rewards for $OCT <> $NEAR pools

*Since $MYRIA<>$USDT is a new farm, we are posting the proposal to create it.

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Can you confirm that the current proposal is just to approve the Myriad farms as outlined above and that you are not requesting any additional REF to be allocated to the new farms?

hey there! on top of avb’s Q, also curious as to why you’re starting the farm back up again at this time?

Confirmed :slight_smile:
We are not requesting any additional REF to be added.

First off, because it was long overdue :wink:
Then, the timing matches our listing with Fxdx and we want to give more than one option to acquire $MYRIA token.

Thanks for asking!