[FARM] Myriad Social

Myriad Social is the first social platform built on NEAR/OCTOPUS

Myriad Social has gathered more than 5,000 unique users since the launch of its testnet last December, and has a social media community at least 15k strong.



Our IDO on Skyward Finance has already ended, we are about to launch our mainnet frontend in a matter of days, with many updates including additional wallets and NTF minting coming soon after.

To encourage our community to support Myriad Social, we are proposing the following:

Pair: MYRIA <> wNEAR

Type: Double rewards REF and MYRIA

REF: 1,597 / week

MYRIA: 520,833 / week

Length: 60 days

Targeted TVL: $500K+

Targeted APR: 100%+


HI Danny, congratulations on the recent sale!

I support the creation of this farm. I strongly believe that farms are an excellent avenue for discovery of new products - people come looking for yield, come across a new coin, do a bit of research before aping in, and hopefully if the product is good they even become new users! More users, more organic demand for token. Higher prices, more swaps. Win, win!


How to farm $MYRIA?
Please tell the steps to do it.

DAO proposal #109

In full support of this and very excited!


I support myriad social after facebook and twitter and instagram
I think it will be so popular


fully support and definitely yes!


Fully support proposal. Thank you

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Fully support to farm Myriad in ref

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so cool i like it and i support it :heart_eyes: