[Whitelisting] APYS

  1. Project description (value, functionality, utility, team, tokenomics, etc.)

    APYS is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Yield Optimizer project built on the NEAR Protocol, that allows users to utilize their crypto more efficiently.

    Through a set of smart contracts, APYS automatically maximizes the farming rewards in various vault strategies. By default, APYS compounds yields on your deposits, saving you the hustle of compounding them daily and saving you the additional gas fee expenses. Thanks to the mechanism of automatic switching between the strategies (auto-farming), users will not need to worry that the rewards for providing liquidity will run out at once and the crypto capital will remain idle. This provides a huge advantage over manual management.

    Token utility:
    APYS provides a possibility to increase liquidity incentivization for third-party projects with the Bonus Rewards feature. By purchasing APYS tokens from the market, third-party projects may add rewards to the existing vault strategy. Thus, by increasing the APY, it becomes more attractive to users to participate in the strategy, thereby increasing the liquidity of the project’s token.


  • Anton CEO/CTO, smart contract developer
  • Dima smart contract/UI developer
  • Pavel - CBDO adviser


100,000,000 - Total Supply

60,000,000 - in cold storage

1,131,000 - unclaimed tokens from presale

4,200,000 - liqudity pools: 
 BSC: 0x6515812a2029efdc27cece176fa50546141de916
 SOLANA: HmRy5hJpHf1KgmoZf4dMafdVSyYic2pKFjFRBFmWFU6N 
 REF: https://app.ref.finance/pool/3599

34,669,000 - circulation supply
  1. Project liquidity plan on Ref Finance (Pair, TVL, Liquidity Incentives, etc.)

    $127.18K has already been provided to the APYS/wNEAR pool Ref Finance

  2. Token smart contract address

  3. Website and/or App

  4. Github repo
    APYS-dev · GitHub

  5. Any other documents/links you consider as relevant for the whitelisting application (Coingecko token page, CMC, etc.)

    APYSwap price today, APYS to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
    APYSwap Foundation – Cross-chain DeFi Products for All Crypto Adopters - old website


Btw, looks like the contracts’ source code isn’t on the GitHub repo. Was that intentional?

We have plans to audit the smart contracts in the next couple of months.
After that source code will be opened

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Neat^^ happy to have u guys jumping along NEAR, a yield aggregator on native NEAR is indeed what the space is missing atm


DAO Proposal # 270 for whitelisting APYS