Stable Coin Pool

Currently there is no functioning pool with stable coins on Ref or in NEAR Ecosystem.

This is a proposal to add a stable coin pool, that follows Stable Coin Swap paper by Curve.

There are few design choices need to be made.

  1. Multi pool or a pair pools:
  • to implement directly N-pool or more specifically 3-pool for DAI/USDC/USDT
  • or to implement 2 token pool
  1. Fee structure.

  2. Curve supports withdrawing single coin vs pair of coins. Implementing this will mean that withdraw_liquidity will have different semantics vs SimplePool.

There is also separate consideration if this should be a separate project, though creation and maintainance of community, frontend and other import parts make that not as valuable. Though code will be open source, so anyone adventures enough can take it and spin up a separate project.

The benefit of doing a separate contract vs adding a new pool type into Ref would actually be in the fact that can immediately get the c token for this pool that works with current standards. Compared if it’s inside Ref, the support of multi tokens standard is still in progress.


Totally agree, Ref need some Stable Coin pools as farm to attract more money. Low APR is ok but should have.

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I think pair pools should be implemented first, and users should be able to trade across pools with a common pair (e.g USDC - USDT, USDC - DAI).

This creates flexibility for NEAR - pNEAR/stNEAR pools, and other non-stables like kind pools that will be needed.


Continue to watch this topic, use need some where to store their stable coins like usdt, usdc. Open a stable coin farm will help REF tvl increase much. Don’t need a high APR, just about 5% I think it’s enough, please consider.



IMO, stablecoin farm would attract large TVL from users. Stablecoin farming is now the main way of attracting TVL from users in Solana (Saber, Sunny and Solfarm, Parrot), in Fantom (Geist Finance).
If Ref Finance could make a stablecoin swap protocol, it would open a possibility of attracting large amount of users and TVL (with high APR).

Moreover, when stUSD is going to launch, this would be more important.


i totally agree with you

APR should be between 8-10% to attract cash flow. Initially leave it at 25%. Money flow will pour in a lot!

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We will see the bear market one day. Although nobody knows when)
So the pools for stables with APR 20-25% could attract much liquidity