Protocol Fee Upgrade

Along with the Sauce (StableSwap feature) deployment, Ref Finance will deploy a protocol fee upgrade.

Today, Ref Finance has a fixed protocol and referral fees, whatever the pool fee.

  • Protocol fee: 0.04%
  • Referral fee: 0.01%

On the 16th of December, with the beta release of Sauce, the new protocol fee will be set as a percentage of the total pool fee.

  • Protocol fee: 16% of the total pool fee
  • Referral fee: 4% of the total pool fee

The team believes that the new approach is more adapted, providing better incentives to our LPs for less volatile pools. Regarding more volatile pools, the protocol will have more incentives than today (cf tab below).

Please note that in addition to the creation of new pools, this change WILL AFFECT ALL EXISTING POOLS.

For our Traders, nothing changes as the total pool fee won’t be affected. For our Liquidity Providers, please find below the impact for the most common pool fee structures.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to comment.