[Exchange Management] Withdraw Protocol Fee

It’s time to withdraw protocol fee of ref-exchange for XREF and other usage. It includes three steps:

  • remove protocol liquidity from each pool to have backend tokens in owners inner account;
  • withdraw those tokens into owners wallet account;
  • transfer those token to a trustee DAO member to do the real swap into the ref token;

Now, only owner (the DAO) can do the above 3 steps. And for simplicity,

  • Withdraw protocol fee by quarter or month, which is still open to discuss.
  • Only involve top 10 pool in protocol liquidity value.

This time, we would withdraw from following pools (data is based on height : 57166333)

Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@47, lpt:2070528248336891144753002572,    quota:0.62%,     (OCT-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@4,  lpt:108383989601204011849162246,     quota:2.46%,     (USDT-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@79, lpt:105836380822135080930342241,     quota:0.23%,     (REF-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@2,  lpt:61401013000482507363303642,      quota:1.60%,     (DAI-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@1395,lpt:21059882695818831716744,    quota:0.17%,  (AURORA-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@535,lpt:336159386554028717104635883,     quota:0.07%,     (STNEAR-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@1,  lpt:28943844275283855145786358,      quota:23.38%,    (WETH-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@0,  lpt:9413102373411152066403844,  quota:0.06%,  (SKYWARD-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@1207,  lpt:5958637406419783401677604,  quota:0.18%,  (ETH-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@377,   lpt:225615266842106685017848498,     quota:0.19%,     (PARAS-wNEAR)

Thanks Marco. Quick (hopefully) question: what does owner inner/wallet account mean?

I think inner account is your token balances on REF

I don’t think so… the next steps are to transfer from the “owners” inner account to the “owners” wallet account, and then from the wallet to “a trustee DAO member to do the real swap into the ref token”. The third step wouldn’t be possible if “owner” was me, and the tokens have been transferred to my wallet