Proposal: Orderly Network x REF Launch Campaign

Hello Refinians,

This proposal is to bring to light the upcoming launch of Orderly Orderbook integration on Ref Finance.
The Orderbook integration will permit to target more sophisticated traders which compliments perfectly the initiative of Discretized Liquidity AMM (DLAMM) of Ref V2.

The integration is in progress and already live on testnet, will be tested shortly on a private mainnet to secure all aspects of the integration, scheduling for a mainnet public launch around mid-march 2023.

A few things are needed to move ahead with the partnership:

  1. Ref asset listing on WOOFi Dex: REF<>UDC, at a cost of 30K USD in REF for market making.

  2. For co-marketing activities, the cost will be 15K USD, which will be used in most parts for a Trading Campaign to bring traders to trader on the integration, bringing activity and liquidity to Ref. With 10 tiers of rewards for the campaign and the remaining fees will be used for PR, media, and AMA purposes.

Total: $45K USD

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