[Proposal] Cross Collaboration with Open Web Sandbox and MV Traders to onboard users into Ref Finance

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I will tag the friends I have that I know closely and who are active around here: @AVB @claudioac

I am glad to come with a collaboration proposal:

We want to start an educational process for the entire Near community through OWS where it is explained how you can take advantage of the markets through Ref Finance, and we will call it TIR, which means trader in resident, something similar to DiR development in resident from Near University, that is, a certification that will be done on the Near platform in order to educate the community about all the necessary tools to make an objective analysis of the markets and function as a personalized financial advisor for all the projects that require one.

The campaign will be based on teaching all Sandboxers and the Near Community to maximize returns and avoid downtrends through price action, take refuge in stablecoins or currencies with better trends and specify the benefits of not having intermediaries with a decentralized exchange where at all times you own your money as it is ref.

We have a community of more than 1000 traders who are willing to participate in the activities, the support of the OWS community, and a vertical near marketing approval to generate a pilot tournament that can be run in ref finance seeking to encourage participants with prizes and the rest.

We will also make partnerships with other trading communities like Merchants of Near and we will create NFTs as Certificates with the collaboration of the Creatives community of NEAR, so other communities who want to understand more about trading will be involved.

Example of the promotion banner:


We will onboard community members into Ref Finance by teaching them about trading and spreading financial knowledge using Ref Finance as the best tool on the Near Ecosystem.


Will be great to hear your feedback, and if there is any possibility to spread the information together.


Hi Fritz, thanks for all the great work that you do!

I personally don’t think that REF should be getting involved in Trading competition or education. There’s a few reasons for my reasoning:

  • Difference between performing ‘Swaps’ on an AMM like REF and ‘Trading’: s Swap is something that a user would do every now and then when they have the need or desire to buy or sell a coin, as such, REF serves as a simple functional tool to help them achieve this goal. That is a service we can deliver and a promise we can fulfil. Trading, on the other hand, involves active management of financial assets with the objective of generating profits (regardless of the actual assets traded), as such, it is possible (statistically very likely) for the user to lose money;
  • Expanding on the above, REF isn’t well suited for active trading - there is no visibility into the market depth, can’t place orders at specific levels, etc. It could be more damaging than helpful to try to be a product that we aren’t (yet?)
  • Liability for losses - we’ve already had some issues with a handful of users who have, for one reason or another, experienced losses through slippage or otherwise. While we were not liable then, and we have made significant changes and improvements to UI to avoid similar mistakes in the future, I do worry about being perceived to be responsible for people’s losses if they feel what they were taught was not accurate (they’ll always find a reason to deflect responsibility).

Despite the above, depending on what your specific ask is, there is certainly scope for collaboration. Basically any initiative that onboards new users to NEAR ecosystem and helps raise awareness and brand-building of REF as the go-to place for Swaps on NEAR is well received. If the marketing campaign meets certain thresholds (to address the above), it could probably be shared on out channels. Tagging @rimberjack who works closely w marketing team


Hello @AVB

In other words, we are teaching users about finances, giving online classes, and also in place.

@mvtrading as a teacher on this pic, it is also giving the online classes with Open Web Sandbox, and I am from Open Web Sandbox supporting his initiative. (Discord Sever OWS)

While teaching people about finances and how to trade, we need to use tools, applications, one of those main tools we teach how to use is REF FINANCE.

About the Ask, I believe it is clear already:

Thanks for your help

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Thanks for the answer @AVB also clarified something important:

The community of ows and mv traders receive payments in crypto (especially in near) daily we want everyone who is receiving this education system to use ref to make swaps and have full control of their money without the need of enter an exchange like Binance or others In addition and most importantly, they can make professional projections of what could happen with the prices of the cryptocurrencies received as payment and thus plan in advance possible sudden movements in the market .

There are many types of trading and one of them is swing or even position trading fit directly with the profile of ref services ref needs traders only that it does not need all types of traders. the idea of ​​the tournament can vary a lot depending on what is wanted in the two parts, it is something that can simply attract users from the communities to try the platform and encourage its use.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, being able to make projections as a trader allows users who receive payments in crypto to better organize their finances, anticipating possible strong market movements or support and resistance zones. You should not necessarily seek constant profit with this knowledge that we are imparting.

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