Introduce BlockPi to Ref community

Hello, everybody, we are BlockPi team.
It has been a great pleasure working with REF in the past weeks and making some progress. So far we have done two services for REF.
One is that our DRPC has been integrated into REF’s service and is running stably at present. Second, we established a Dedicated Indexer Server for REF.
The DRPC service mentioned above is an RPC acceleration layer built on BlockPI Network and got the 2nd place award of NEAR MetaBUIDL Global Hackathon. It’s a free distributed RPC service. DRPC service will auto-scan and sort all the RPC nodes based on latency, and distribute each request to a corresponding node. Users will no longer suffer from RPC service congestion, especially when there is an IDO.
The Dedicated Indexer Server is a high-performance on-chain indexing service for REF. We will set up index servers in different regions of the world to ensure the performance and stability of users worldwide.
We hope you enjoy enhanced by our service.