[DAO Member] To add iamgalt.near to Ref.finance

To add iamgalt.near to Ref.finance community DAO

Context of this community DAO candidate:
iamgalt.near, owned by Igor, the founder of Inc4,
represent a team of developers committed to build DeFi services on NEAR

The first product they built is PembRock, a leveraged yield farming service on Near. Users can borrow up to 3x to farm on Ref! First week after launch they have reached a TVL >$3M and focusing to boost TVL on Ref at least on 25%

Igor could be a great value add to Ref.finance community from both product angle and ecosystem support angle. His understanding and experience of building DeFi application on NEAR could compliment with Ref.finance to improve DeFi composability on NEAR.


I support the addition of this new member.

However, I will withhold the voting on any new members until we have finally created and passed the proposals to remove inactive members. This is a top priority which has been dragging for weeks.