[Exchange Management] Protocol Fee for Q3 of 2023

The protocol fee in top 10 pools is (blockheight 102888600):

Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3,     lpt:7214969156164336293999006,  quota:0.47%,    (USDC.e-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@4,     lpt:10683924233913033040912741, quota:0.37%,    (USDT.e-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@1910,  lpt:1297959320150167145318,     quota:0.04%,    (USDT.e-USDC.e-DAI)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3667,  lpt:11665778617020244328526,    quota:0.72%,    (SWEAT-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3689,  lpt:944704542370498627073665755,quota:46.38%,   (USDT.e-USDt)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@79,    lpt:90229145035301306542427393, quota:0.13%,    (REF-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3433,  lpt:798962858004085592953,      quota:7.72%,    (USN-cUSD)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@974,   lpt:1330506350517637476385473,  quota:0.48%,    (wNEAR-WBTC)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@2734,  lpt:707197506698739007740941,   quota:0.20%,    (WBTC-ETH)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@2330,  lpt:13158120025745138843681,    quota:1.83%,    (FLX-wNEAR)

And after withdraw, we got 12 token assets in DAO account. The related amount is:

dai-18:     630.673892518032137954
usdt-6:     467.825903
wnear-24:  3484.510879256397895349822692
ref-18:    9223.980746638876973868
usdc.e-6:  1350.429212
cusd-24:    137.913872525597040208000000
eth-18:       0.219780113780719423
flx-18:   13765.301286410676478981
wbtc-8:       0.02707760
usdt.e-6:  1856.420899
usn-18:     665.820584923693703950
sweat-18: 59456.481319389086236199

Now, we need to transfer those 12 kind of tokens to refchef.near to kick off buy-back process and prepare further ref reward for XRef.

We have already completed ref buy-back on Q3. According to the agreement, 164,448 ref (75% of the total) token received this time would deposit to XREF farm as 90 days rewards.
So, we need to adjust our XREF reward rate to 0.021148140264990168 per sec.