[Exchange Management] Protocol Fee for Q1 of 2024

The protocol fee in top 10 pools is (blockheight 115956867):

Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@4512,  lpt:987119057532984249933587439,        quota:0.33%,    (USDC-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3,     lpt:17840903705173644397871140,         quota:0.83%,    (USDC.e-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@4,     lpt:25129833745180988474169836,         quota:0.81%,    (USDT.e-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@4243,  lpt:122522944157621789023813,   quota:3.20%,    (wNEAR-NEAT)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3879,  lpt:2603373746406887994352936,  quota:1.31%,    (wNEAR-USDt)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@4276,  lpt:116586470453793120497899,   quota:2.26%,    (wNEAR-BLACKDRAGON)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3411,  lpt:73564444109264183120410,    quota:6.05%,    (GEAR-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@79,    lpt:95869547590744897034945800,         quota:0.18%,    (REF-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@4528,  lpt:189576194833190858862768,   quota:3.16%,    (UWON-wNEAR)
Pool:v2.ref-finance.near@3514,  lpt:738438446193760591421341427,        quota:0.03%,    (STNEAR-wNEAR)

And after withdraw, we got 11 token assets in DAO account. The related amount is:

BLACKDRAGON-24 49674223510.186167874781735239752405
NEAT-8               52375.97309685  
GEAR-18              12671.873708818448610965
wnear-24              8085.809724296149848377977482
UWON-18                957.110014494843311131
usdt-6                4739.286961
usdc-6               10208.876243      
usdt.e-6              6228.391924
usdc.e-6              6794.812603
stnear-24              415.694223627664835777358601     
ref-18                8439.187168317229010560

Now, we need to transfer those 11 kind of tokens to refchef.near to kick off buy-back process and prepare further ref reward for XRef.

We have already completed ref buy-back on Q1.

According to the agreement, 178,107 ref (75% of the total) token received this time would deposit to XREF farm as 90 days rewards.
So, we need to adjust our XREF reward rate to 0.022904706790123456 per sec.

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Thanks Marco,

Do you have an estimate of how much the APY would go to given the current amount of $REF staked?

Also, would you be able to remind me where the remaining 25% of fees collected go to?