New Board Member - Jane Wang

Hi everyone, I would like to present Jane Wang as a potential new board member. I’ve worked with Jane this past year on validator initiatives within Pagoda and through the Open Shard Alliance. She is currently in transition to become the PM for the NEAR Wallet. I would highly recommend Jane as a qualified candidate.

Jane is an active NEAR collective member, and has a deep experience in finance and product development. Serving as a PM at Pagoda, she has grown the NEAR network of node operators, negotiated key partnerships, and played an important role in launch sharding.

As a community member, she works with the community on collaborating and advancing ecosystem initiatives. She serves on the boards of Open Shards Alliance and Onix, where her work includes community growth strategy, product marketing, and governance.

In her free time, she is building a series of events to promote the adoption NEAR in Washington DC.


Relevant Board Experience

Open Shards Alliance - Board Member

  • Participate in strategic discussions for Open Shards Alliance evolution and growth

Onix DAO - Founding Member

  • Collaborated with DAO members on Onix DAO Constitution and Member Code of Conduct
  • Advised on strategic aspects of DAO launch and GTM strategy

NEAR Validator Advisory - Board Member

  • Steered NVAB meetings

  • Created NVAB Charter for better governance

  • Partnered with board members on ecosystem growth objectives

Burrow and Ref Board Contribution

  • Partnered with board members to implement growth objectives
  • Assist with product marketing to the community
  • Product and feature testing of new releases
  • Serves as a link to Pagoda Applications to explore integration / collaboration opportunities

Welcome and looking forward her further contribution to Ref.

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