[FARM] Atocha Protocol

Project description

Atocha Protocol is a specific usage blockchain that is built on Substrate and hosted on Octopus Network (a sidechain on Near Protocol). In short, Atocha is a puzzle game blockchain that is built for creating, solving, and sponsoring puzzle games. The protocol is aiming to become a global puzzle game hub that can host multiple great puzzle game Dapps that we are familiar with like Word Puzzles, Number Games, Treasure Hunting, and Social Deduction Game.

Project plan / development

Atocha Protocol is live on Octopus Network mainnet. Atocha Protocol is backed by Octopus Venture DAO, Big Brain Holdings, Primeape Capital and etc. Atocha Protocol is also a recipient of Near Grant.

Farming goals

Support initial liquidity of ATO coin on Ref Finance with an ATO <> NEAR pair.


Pair : ATO <> NEAR

Type : Single Reward

ATO : 34,090/ week (150,000 for 31 days)

Length : 31 days

Estimated Starting Date : 13 June 2022

Targeted TVL : $108,000

Targeted APR : 50%

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